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Traffic is Important

Driving Traffic & Keeping Customers

One thing everyone can agree on is the internet is not going away. It continues to grow everyday. There are multiple way to search online for businesses, products, and services.

You can search on a desktop, laptop, tablet, and cell phone. You need to ask yourself, Are you doing enough to be found on all of these devices? The second question is “Is your website mobile responsive, up to date, and eye catching? Third question is, What can I do to increase traffic, leads, and referrals to my business?

Lets start with the first and most important online source, your website. You need to own your domain name, have an email address with your domain name, a number for consumers to call and have the ability to leave a vm, text messaging capabilities, and always accessible.

The website needs to have keywords, content that your target market is searching for, easy to navigate, and ways to get in contact with you.

There is more but lets start with that. So  ask yourself, Do I have all of this? If yes,  whats next? Traffic is the answer.


get more traffic
Consumers search for products online
Consumers search on a mobile device
Would rather look at images than text
Consumers will leave a slow site

85% of consumers start their search on a mobile device.

Since consumers all start their search online with a mobile device, is your site mobile responsive or mobile friendly? Do you know the difference?  Can it be found on social media? Is your NAP (name, address, phone) updated on multiple directories? Can you be found on the first 2-3 pages of a Google search?

The answer needs to be yes to all of these things. If not, we can help. However the longer you wait to get these corrected the further down you will be pushed in the search engines. This means it will take more time to grow your business organically to get found in the searches you deserve to be in.

In this day and age the search engines want to see consistent information on the business on multiple websites, resources, and directories. Consumers can now sit on their couch and find your business in the middle of commercials. They can be getting their oil changed and see where they want to eat next, or the closest landscaper in their neighborhood. Are they going to be able to find YOU?

You will lose about 50% of consumers if your website doesn't load within 3 seconds on a mobile device or a desktop

According to Google, if your site doesn't load within 3 seconds on a desktop or a mobile device, you will lose around 50% of visitors to your site. You may think to yourself, well I don't believe that, I would wait longer. Your right, you may. However, what about everyone else? Unfortunately the world runs very fast and everyone expects things to be quick, fast, and straight to the point. Can your FREE template website keep up?  NOPE!

45% of consumers will not stay on  your page if it is not mobile responsive. Yes there is a difference of mobile friendly and mobile responsive.

So you are on the 1st page for searches. People can find you. Does your website fit to their screen? Do you still have to zoom in and scroll all around to read the site?

Mobile Friendly:

1st generation of sites online. Fits the whole site on the screen but you cant read the text. You have to zoom in and scroll to see it.

Mobile responsive:

3rd generation mobile sites fits to the screen right away. No need to zoom. Even has a button to bring down a drop down to see all pages.

In April of 2015 Google came out with an announcement you need to have a mobile responsive site or they will penalize you on desktop searches and more on mobile searches.

This is important because according to Google you only have 3.5 seconds to capture a consumer's attention when they get to your site

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