Facebook’s Newest Update Cracking Down on Share Baiting Post

Are you tired of seeing so many posts in your Newsfeed on Facebook, asking for you to like this or share that? Or maybe you use these tactics on your own Facebook to boost engagement, and increase likes? Either way, with Facebook’s new update, these types of posts will soon be a thing of the past.

Although post similar to these are pretty successful in obtaining engagement for a particular post or even Facebook pages, they come across very spam-like when companies abuse them. Facebook’s new update however, will begin penalizing pages and post that use engagement bait. They will do it slowly, giving page owners a chance to change their strategies, however starting this week individual post and pages using the engagement bait will be demoted, significantly affecting their reach.

Initially starting out with demoting the reach of the post, however if the pages continue to use the same tactics, then over time you will see the Page itself penalized.

If by chance you notice that your posts have been penalized, there is no need to panic. Facebook is allowing Pages to come back, by sharing quality and authentic content from your page. There are some exceptions to this rule. Facebook has analyzed thousands of post and determined that those that are raising money for a cause, a missing child report, or asking for travel tips will not be affected negatively by this update.

If you’re a business that are used to using these tactics, it is important that you begin to change your strategy now. Facebook has made a series of changes this year, attempting to demote click bait, and low quality web experiences, in order to promote a more authentic Newsfeed. Are you struggling to find authentic content for your business page? O 24 Solutions can help. Reach out to us today at 619-343-8120 to see how we can increase engagement with authentic content.